Size Guide



If you are buying a coat or jacket for your greyhound, please refer to this sizing guide to ensure you get the perfect fit for your hound. Please note that our coats have been especially created for greyhounds and have been designed to cover your hound’s rear. As this is the case, when ordering please be sure to always measure your dog and not a previous coat.


How a martingale collar works

The martingale collar is designed for dogs with narrow heads such as greyhounds and other sight hounds but is growing in popularity among owners of varying breeds.  The martingale consists of a length of material with a metal ring at each end. A separate loop of material passes through the two rings (please refer to picture below).  The lead attaches to a ring on this loop. When your hound tries to back out of the martingale, the collar tightens around his neck.  If the collar is properly adjusted, it will tighten just to the size of your hound’s neck and will prevent your hound from escaping.

First time hound owners- we would not recommend you use a martingale collar unless you are sure of your hounds temperament. They are better suited to quiet, calm hounds who require little control. A fishtail collar or harness is more suitable for hounds who require more control.

How to fit a martingale collar

Accurate fitting of a martingale collar is essential to prevent your hound from slipping out of the collar and possibly injuring himself. Slip the martingale collar over the hound’s neck.  Pull it up to the narrowest part of the neck, which is right behind the dog’s ears. Pull up on the smaller control loop where the D-ring is attached.  The two metal slides should come together but not touch each other.  If they do, the collar is too loose and needs to be adjusted.  There should be a two finger distance between the two slides.  When properly adjusted, it will ensure that the collar will tighten properly when pulled.  Since all collars present the possibility of choking, you should never tie up your dog outside while wearing a martingale style collar., or  allow your hound to frolic or play with other hounds whilst wearing one as the loop could become entangled.


A harness is particularly useful when you require more control of a hound and can reduce pulling. When measuring for a harness you need to measure the girth of the hounds chest at the deepest part, usually behind the front legs.

We stock two sizes –

Size 5 (53 – 77cm girth) these fit the majority of hounds and allow for plenty of adjustment to fit over coats in winter

Size 6 (61 – 89cm girth) these fit the larger and deeper chested hounds.