Luxury 1.5" Ribbon Martingales & Matching House Collars 2019

  • £28.00

Available in 5 striking designs. All collars are lines with a complimentary shade of webbing or luxury Swiss velvet.

Wear and Tear of Your Collar
Wear and tear will be different depending on the collar and your hound.  If you have a heavy scratcher, mud roller, or rough player, your collar will begin to show normal wear and tear faster than a hound that snoozes all day.Wear and tear on your collar will be significantly reduced if you have more than one collar and alternate them on a regular basis. Just like us and our Sunday best, it is a good idea to have an everyday collar to wear around the home, reserving your stepping out collar for special walks and days out.  Imagine, you wouldn’t dress up to do the gardening so neither should your hound!

Cleaning Your Collar
The luxury Swiss velvet, woven jacquard's and cotton fabrics can be placed in a laundry bag and machine wash.  Please ensure a cool temperature and a delicate wash. Alternatively, these collars can be washed gently by hand.  Do not tumble dry but allow to air dry naturally and your collar is good as new!

Tweed collars should be gently wiped clean with a lightly dampened cloth.  Mud should be allowed to dry then gently removed. For stubborn stains spot clean with a reputable product and always read the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Do not submerge your tweed collar in water.

Inspect Your Collar
Please inspect your hound’s collar frequently for signs of damage. It is important that you determine the condition of your collar before using it. Please check stitching, especially around hardware and seams, as it is very easy for your hound to damage their collar in everyday situations.  You must assume full responsibility to ensure your collar is suitable for your hound and that it is fit for purpose.