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Greyhound Ornaments

  • £15.00

This is a lovely silhouette of a graceful Greyhound. Crafted b Sityu, the greyhound silhouette stands proud on it's own supporting plinth and makes a lovely ornamental figurine that celebrates this elegant breed to its fullest.

Solid and sturdy, the greyhound metal ornament makes a lovely decorative feature for a shelf or tabletop. With it's black silhouette, our Greyhound ornament can create an eye catching display when complimented by a contrasting background.  

Produced in two sizes, the larger Greyhound ornament would also be suitable for use as a doorstop or bookend, whilst the smaller version makes a lovely paperweight.

A lovely gift for any discerning Greyhound lover

Black in colour, the Greyhound ornament figurine comes in a smooth gloss  powder coated, therefore making it very durable and easy to clean.

The underside of the Greyhound silhouette is finished with lovely 'Berry' red felt.

Small: 10cm long x 2.5cm wide x 8cm high

Large: 23cm long x 6cm wide x 15cm high

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