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EasiDry Cool Coat

  • £46.00

Easidri has a unique cell structure which slowly releases its moisture, cooling your hound The coat cools as water slowly evaporates, use in hot weather to keep your dog cool and comfortable.
Re-usable and machine washable, supplied in a handy storage case always ready for use. It is tough and durable and resists tearing and shredding. Easy to fit with adjustable touch and close chest and stomach straps.
Submerge the coat fully in water- gently wring out and fit to the hound.As soon as you see the coat starting to dry you should re-sbmerge in water to re-cativate the cooling effects.
To store the coat simply let it dry naturally. Should it soil gently wash in warm soapy water.
Do not try to unfold a dry folded coat-soak thoroughly before opening- if not it will tear.
You should always supervise your hound in hot weather and whilst using this product. A cool coat is an aid to help your hound cool down alongside common-sense precautions taken to limit exposure to heat and sunlight. 

Sizes Large 63cm length x up to 100cm girth and Medium 52cm length x up to 86cm girth.

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