Dog Robes

  • £33.00


Practical drying coat to dry your dog quickly and protect surroundings from wet, muddy shake off.

  • Easy to fit after outdoor adventures, swimming, training, bathing or working. Non-restrictive.
  • Offset ties ensure superb coverage of underbelly and a snug fit time after time. No Velcro to clog with dog hair.
  • Designed to hang over the hindquarters and dry the back legs.
  • Handmade in the UK from an innovative towelling fabric exclusive to Dogrobes: 80% cotton, 20% polyester.
  • Longer loops inside smart fabric absorb moisture & trap dog's body heat.
  • Dogrobes can be customised with your dog's name or a harness access opening.

  • How do they work?

    Wet fur is a poor insulator. Shaking does not remove all the moisture, which can cause a dog's body temperature to drop. Longer loops on the inside of our innovative fabric quickly wick away moisture and trap air and body heat to maintain the dog's body temperature and keep his muscles warm. Ensuring your dog is warm and dry, especially after exercise, reduces muscle stress, tension and injury.

    What makes Dog Robes so special?

    • UNIQUE DESIGN Easy to put on/take off. No Velcro, awkward straps or leg holes. Non-restrictive.
    • THE ULTIMATE FIT Superb coverage of underbelly & hindquarters. Ties for a snug fit time after time. Made To Measure service.
    • EASY CARE Dry quickly for re-use. Wash at 40° C (no Velcro to snag). Can tumble dry.
    • EXCLUSIVE FABRIC Longer loops on the inside absorb more moisture. Lightweight, durable, snag-proof cotton towelling
    • Wash your Dogrobe separately before its first use.
    • Fabric dries quickly and is lightweight on the dog, even when wet. Breathable & snag-proof 
    • Machine washable at 40°C. No fabric conditioner. Can be tumble-dried (No Velcro to stick while laundering.)
    • Beware! Some dogs like to chew, so we recommend not leaving your dog unattended while wearing his Dogrobe.

    Get the perfect fit

    • Pop the Dogrobe over your dog’s head.
    • Straighten it out over his back.
    • Draw the ties up on each side of his body.
    • Tie loosely on top – on either side of his spine.
    • Different dogs have different drying times. Generally, leave the Dogrobe on for around 30 minutes and take off when damp.