Logic EaseDerm

  • £10.00

Logic EaseDerm skin and coat supplement for dogs helps maintain a healthy by adding add moisture to dry, irritated skin.

It's important to keep your dog happy which means making sure their coat doesn't become dull, dry and irritable. Logic EaseDerm tuna flavoured chews are formulated with lots of Omega 3 oils (EPA and DHA) everything your dogs needs for a healthy glossy coat.

Key benefits:

  • Essential fatty acids, Omega 3 (DHA and EPA), are necessary components of cell membranes. EPA and DHA help support a healthy, glossy coat
  • Highly palatable tuna chew
  • Keeps your dog happy

Feeding guide:

Logic EaseDerm should be given daily as a treat and comes in packs of 28 tuna flavoured soft chews, which provide up to eight weeks’ supply for a dog weighing up to 25kg.

Thanks to our friends at Ceva we can bring them to you at this reduced price.

Can be used in conjunction with Logic EasyDerm

Expiry 05/18 1 tub contains 28 chews- approx 1 month supply for 1 greyhound