LEUCHTIE Plus Glow in the dark collars

  • £35.00

LEUCHTIE collars are a high quality, durable, long lasting glow in the dark collar which come in a range of colours.

The Leuchtie Plus is an innovative, waterproof, German-designed LED light collar, which improves the visibility of your dog after dark and in low light. Thanks to patented sensor technology, the Leuchtie Plus has no switches or buckles, avoiding time-consuming fiddling in the cold and dark. Instead, simply place the LED collar over your dog's head, and its sensor will switch it on. Once your walk is over, take the collar off, hang it up, and it will turn off ready for next time. What could be simpler?

The brightest LED dog collar yet, the Leuchtie Premium is made for those who want the ultimate in visibility for their dogs and the ultimate in advanced 4 LED lighted dog collar technology.

It is 100% waterproof.

With a 100 hour burn-time, battery changes will be few and far between.

The Leuchtie Plus LED Dog Collar comes with a 2 year guarantee against fault. It can only be used with standard AAA batteries.


Adjust your dog's normal collar so that you can just slip it over the dogs head and remove it again, without it being uncomfortable for the dog.  Alternative use a piece of string or wool, create a loop that can slip over the head. You are measuring the head not the neck.
Now measure the inner circumference of the collar or the total length of the piece of string/wool.
The Leuchtie you need is the size closest to this measurement.  If in-between sizes, select the larger Leuchtie.
So if your dog measures 42cm, choose a size 45.

LEUCHTIE collars are made to order and are non-returnable unless the good are faulty. Please ensure you take accurate measurement of your greyhound's neck before ordering.

Orders can take up to 3 weeks before delivery.